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How Mossad became the best in the world ?

How Mossad became the best in the world ?
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  • 17 May 2022
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Each country forms one or more secret societies with the aim of protecting the country from internal and other countries. Four of the most powerful and influential state intelligence agencies in the world are the CIA of the United States, the M16 of the United Kingdom, the RAW of India, and the KGB of Russia.


But in addition to these four countries, another country in the world has a formidable intelligence agency that has shattered Iran's dream of becoming a nuclear power alone. The CIA and Britain's M16 intelligence service gave up the task during the Cold War, a task that was easily accomplished by this intelligence agency. 


The intelligence agency mentioned above is called Mossad. Which is the intelligence agency of Israel, a small country in the Middle East on the world map. Mossad is considered one of the most feared, brutal, and secretive intelligence agencies in the world. In all the countries of the world that Israel considers a threat to the security of its own country and its people, Mossad suppresses it by its actions.


It is said that Mossad finds his enemy from anywhere in the world and leaves only with punishment. The mission that Mossad goes to, it leaves only after completing it in any way. An apt example of this is the May 16, 1960 incident. A Nazi war criminal named Adolf Eichmann went into hiding in Argentina. Mossad carried out a covert strike in Argentina, arrested Edolft, and brought him to Israel to complete his trial. However, the interesting thing is that the then government of Argentina did not know about this incident. Since the incident, all countries have been aware of the privacy policy and powers of Israel's Mossad intelligence service.


It is very dangerous to enter the internal borders of any country without permission. This could lead to bad relations between the two countries. But the reason behind Mossad's move is not only to destroy the enemy but also to create fear in the minds of the enemies. For this reason, Mossad is called the killing machine of the world.


Now the question is - why did Israel set up such a secret intelligence agency? Why is there a need for such an intelligence agency in Israel?



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