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What is an Oscar? Why is the Oscar Award given?

What is an Oscar? Why is the Oscar Award given?
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  • 29 May 2022
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There are movie lovers all over the world. When the name of a good movie is heard, then naturally the word "Oscar" is heard by many. Oscar-nominated movies or Oscar-winning awards - that's all there is to it.


Most people don't know much about the word "Oscar" anymore. That is, "an award called the Oscar, which is given to the best film" - is limited to this period.


The Oscars are considered to be the most popular and prestigious film awards in the world. The first Oscars were presented on May 16, 1929. Is. Initially known as the "Academy Award", it was later renamed the "Oscar Academy Award".


The films that receive the highest-grossing Hollywood films each year are nominated for an Oscar Academy Award. Oscars were then awarded in various categories (Best Male Actor, Best Director, etc.) from the nominated films.


But it's not just Hollywood movies that are nominated for Oscars. In addition to Hollywood films, there is also a special section to honor foreign films at the Oscar Academy Awards. The Oscar Academy Award, like all other film awards, is not entirely accurate, but it involves many historical events.


Essential conditions for being nominated for an "Oscar"

Now many people think that it is important for a movie to be nominated for an Oscar. That is -

  • Each film must be 40 minutes long.
  • 35mm or 70mm film must be printed. Or 24 frames per second or 48 frames per second.
  • The film must be in digital format. Pixel resolution should not be less than 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • In order for a movie to be nominated for an Oscar, all the official credit forms of that movie must be submitted.
  • Only members of the relevant department can vote for the Oscars in any department. For example, the members of the board of directors will have the opportunity to vote for the best director.
  • The rules for foreign movie Oscars are a little different. In this case, a special member of all the departments is elected by the vote. Any country can send only one movie nomination per year.

How to get nominated for "Oscar"

A special process is used to determine which movie will be nominated for the Oscars or which movie will win the Oscars in the end. However, members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, members of the Accounting Company Price Water House Coopers, and 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are considered based on their votes. These 6000 voter members include image directors as well as film writers, sound editors, makeup artists, etc.


However, in order for a movie to get the highest number of votes for the Oscars, the production company of that movie needs to have as much screen time as possible. Due to this, the highest ratings were received by a large number of members. For this, the filmmakers have to spend a huge amount of money.


This is one of the reasons why voter ratings are so important - Oscar-winning movies are judged on the basis of ratings during voting. For that reason, the more screen time a movie has, the more voters it attracts. As a result, the film manages to capture the maximum number of voters.


Merit category of "Oscar" award

  • The best film/movie
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Director
  • Best Film Writer
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • The best-animated film
  • Best short film
  • The best cinematography
  • The best costume design
  • Best Documentary Feature Film
  • Best Documentary Short Film
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best International Feature Film
  • Best visual effects
  • Best sound
  • Best original score
  • The best makeup and hairstyles
  • Best Live Action Short Film
  • The best basic screenplay
  • Best adapted screenplay


Here's a look at some of the "Oscar" awards

The Oscars have many unknown facts that many may not know. Below are some details of the Oscar Academy Awards -

  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, an American film awarding organization, hosts the Academy Awards each year.
  • Oscar Academy Awards are given primarily to the best films in the United States. However, there is a special category for awarding foreign films at the Oscar Academy Awards.
  • The first Oscar Academy Awards began on May 16, 1929. 
  • The official website of the Oscar Academy Awards is -


Oscar-nominated Indian film

The famous Indian films that were nominated for Oscars are:

  • Mother India (1997)
  • An Encounter with Faces (1978)
  • Salaam Bombay! (1988)
  • Lagaan (2001)
  • Little Terrorist (2004)


"Oscar" award-winning Indian

Famous Indian Oscar winners are:

  • Costume designer Bhanu Athaiya
  • Filmmaker Satyajit Ray
  • Music Director A. R. Rahman
  • Film writer Gulzar
  • Film sound designer Resul Pookutty


2022 Oscar-winning films and actors

  • CODA (Best Movies)
  • Encanto (Best animated film)
  • Drive My Car (International Feature Film)
  • Will Smith (Best Actor)
  • Jessica Chastain (Best Actress)
  • Jane Campion (Best Director)
  • Troy Kotsur (Best Supporting Actor)
  • Ariana DeBose (Best Supporting Actress)



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