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Why does a gas exhaust mine chimney always burn?

Why does a gas exhaust mine chimney always burn?
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  • 15 May 2022
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One image that can always be seen in a gas station or in a mine always fires with a chimney. Many speculate that the fire may have been started to test for gas in the mines. But this assumption is not correct. This torch of fire is called a "Flare stack" at a gas station or mine. 


Why is a "Flare Stack" placed at a gas station or mine?

The gas that is extracted at the gas extraction center or mine is basically extracted as crude (mixed) gas. This crude gas is then filtered or purified to separate other gases, including cooking gas. Another thing to keep in mind, in this case, is that only the required gas mixture is available from the mine but not. In addition to the required gas, unnecessary gas also exists in the mixed state in the mine. Due to this harmful gas is released during lifting. This unnecessary gas is also harmful to the human race and the environment.


gas flare stack design
Gas flare stack design (Image by Chemical Engineering World)



This gas is also very expensive to make usable and stored in mines, but in many cases can cause terrible explosions. That's why most of the unwanted harmful gases are burned through the "Flare Stack" reactor. In addition, the height of the reactor is naturally much higher because the surface of the human society, including the animal and plant world, should not be harmed.


Due to the presence of hydrogen sulfate and carbon dioxide in this harmful gas, this gas is very harmful to the combustion environment but this decision should be taken to avoid the possibility of a terrible explosion in the mine.



Why is the flare stack furnace always on fire?

This is another popular question in the minds of many. In this case, it should be noted that gas is always extracted at most gas extraction centers or mines. That is why some unwanted harmful gas is always being extracted. In that case, it is always necessary to burn it. As a result, the "flare stack" ignites the furnace.




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